What We’re Loving: EverlyLaneDesign’s Festive Tassel Garlands

Transform any space into a party location with these vibrant hanging decorations

Hanging tassel garland is an immediate party starter.

Let’s step away from the table for one second, because although we love floral and fruit centerpieces, escort cards, and table settings, that’s not all it takes to set the scene at your party.

Sure, balloons are festive and fun, but we’re still stuck on the tassel trend — and it seems everyone else is as well. Though tassels are a great DIY craft if you have the time or the patience, we decided to head to the source and find a great collection to choose from.

Jess Jamison, the owner of EverlyLaneDesign is a big fan of sparkle, as are we. Jamison lives to sparkle and shine, as she puts it herself, "If I could throw glitter and sequins everywhere I went, I would!" Agreed.

It should come as no surprise then that her brand on Etsy is full of just that — sparkle and shine. Jamison’s tassel collection is fit for any occasion big or small, with color palettes that are as subtle as snow or as vibrant as a summer’s day.

EverlyLane has a serious selection of tassels, banners, fans, and spirals to use as the background to any dinner or cocktail party, whether they're hung on the wall, strewn along tablecloths, or even on draped on the backs of chairs. Also, they make for a great photo booth backdrop at weddings or are even ideal for fun décor in a kid's rooms.


With more than 80 tissue color options and metallics to choose from, it'll be easy to find a tassel you like so you can deck out your party in only the best.