What We’re Loving: Carla Facciolo’s Handmade Food-Infused Soaps

The 'Mob Wives' star makes a showing in the housewares department

We’re always talking about home décor, from Where to Shop for Your Home to accenting your table with the finest accessories like place settings, chargers, and napkin holders.

But there's something we've neglected and that's creating a welcoming atmosphere in other rooms besides the kitchen and the dining room. Placing candles, fresh and lush towels, and sweet-smelling soaps in the bathroom goes a long way when hosting guests, whether for an evening or for a few days.

Carla Facciolo, a Staten Island, N.Y., native and a star of VH1’s cult-favorite show Mob Wives, appreciates the impression of a beautifully curated home and has created a line of housewares that includes soaps, oils, and sprays. The collection also includes beauty favorites like lotions and shower gels, but we want to talk about her bar soap specifically.

Facciolo likes to add a bit of variety to the plain old bar of soap concept and has a unique selection that includes food flavors like oatmeal milk and honey, Bartlett pear, frosted lemon, and bergamot mandarin.

Made from an exclusive formula, all of the soaps are made with natural oils including olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, Shea butter, babassu, avocado, and jojoba, reinforcing the fact that food and skincare go hand in hand.


These soaps are great for the kitchen or the bathroom and make for fantastic housewarming gifts.