What We're Loving: Better Off Wed's Best Day Ever Cake Topper

I don't know if it's because I'm on a natural high due to the fact that I'm hunting for wedding dresses tomorrow, but when I came across this cake topper, I was hooked.

All cake toppers are not created equal — and there are some really clever knickknacks out there that have topped one whimsical cake after another. However, this cake topper from Etsy vendor Better Off Wed is so darling, it speaks for itself, literally and figuratively.

Your wedding day — aside from other exciting moments in your life like having a baby, getting your first big job, etc. — really is the best day ever. This topper is simple and to the point, so stick this on your wedding cake and create a serious statement with just a few words.

The company, Better Off Wed, is known for their rustic wooden toppers, specifically their bride and groom ones, but this one takes the cake — all puns intended.


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