What We're Loving: Anthropologie's Hobnail Pitcher

We love this retro-esque pitcher from Anthropologie for multiple reasons.

First, while it comes in a few hues, the vibrant, beautiful shade of turquoise is stunning and definitely looks like it could be an antique.

The bright color can certainly give off a warm-weather entertaining vibe, but you can use this pitcher all year round for ice water on the table during any meal or for specialty cocktails during the holidays.

Though heavy, its weight is just a reflection of the quality of the glass. The wide neck makes it easy to clean, and its presentation speaks for itself.

It should come as no surprise that it has been backordered since its release a few weeks ago and the rave reviews from customers are pouring in from all over the site as well as on Pinterest.

All that's running through our heads right now is the afternoon beverages we could serve up on the patio like iced tea, lemonade, and sangria — oh, summer, where are you?