What To Teach Your Dad To Grill This Father's Day

Let's face it: dad's got to eat dessert, too. With Father's Day right around the corner, maybe it's time you showed him a thing or two on the grill and teach him how to make Grilled Peach Pizza.

Why not make dessert on the grill? Along with it being Father's Day soon, it's now officially summer, and grills are being fired up across the country. While you might typically think of what main dish or side to cook up on the grill, why not take advantage of the heat and carry through with dessert? 

This fruit pizza is really is just an open-faced rustic tart featuring a chewy pizza dough, a creamy mascarpone topping sweetened with brown sugar and flavored with rum, and slices of fresh peaches. The slightly smoky flavor from the hardwood charcoal livens up the fruit wonderfully. If you are using propane, the effect will be subtle, but still luscious and unexpected.

Read the directions through carefully. There isn't anything difficult, but you will have to execute with quick timing. If you have grilled pizza before, you know the drill. And please make sure your grill rack is very clean.

Click here to see the Grilled Peach Pizza Recipe 

You can substitute apricots or nectarines or plums (these last two you do not have to peel). You could also use purchased pizza dough if time is short.