What Is a Frittata?

Everything you need to know about this healthy Italian egg dish


Don’t be intimidated by the word frittata. It may sound like some fancy Italian dish that only Mario Batali could perfect and any attempt by us mere mortals would pale in comparison, but this is not the case! This is an extremely easy, healthy, and economical dish that you can eat for any meal of the day. It is a very flexible egg dish similar to a French quiche, an American omelette, or a Spanish tortilla española. Frittatas generally consist of eggs, vegetables, milk, and herbs.

When making a frittata, you can throw in any extra vegetables or meat you may have in the kitchen. There are no set vegetables or meats that are required to be in the dish. The word frittata derives from the word friggere in Italian, which means "to fry." A frittata is never folded over as a French omelette is, but instead is cooked until the top layer is set and then served in wedges.

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Making this dish is very simple as long as you have an ovenproof skillet. First, sauté whatever veggies you are putting into the dish and heat through the already-cooked leftovers such as meat. Then, it is important to swiftly beat the eggs, which will make the frittata have an airy quality. Mix in the milk and herbs, and cook all ingredients in the skillet for about five minutes. Immediately, put the skillet into the broiler until the top layer browns. Frittatas are frequently topped with cheese, which adds a nice crispiness to the top. This dish is remarkably fast, easy, and tasty. It’s an exceptional way to enjoy your leftovers!