What to Do with Turkey Eggs and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, Mark Bittman waxes poetic on artichokes, plus cutesy whale-shaped crackers

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections across the country.

NY Mag
An exciting riff on deviled eggs: Turkey deviled eggs, served with hot peppers and beet chips.

LA Times
Really, anything with brown butter wins in our book, especially if it's cookies.

NY Times
Mark Bittman shows how to cut and prep an artichoke.

SF Chronicle
Bubbles for brunch? Um, always. Especially if it's this sparkling cocktail from the mixologists at Range, made with gin, tonic, and orange flower water.

Nettles might seem way too healthy to stomach, but this fresh, spring pesto pasta sounds just about perfect.

Chicago Tribune
Asparagus pilaf, or, an easy way to start off spring.

Seattle Times
For dessert this weekend, serve this rich, moist almond cake with a dollop of jam and cream.

Kitchen Daily
Whale-shaped crackers. With Cheddar and nori.

Portland Press Herald
It might be getting too warm for soup, but this creamy potato and watercress soup is worth it.

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Washington Post
Radishes, cucumbers, and jalapeños combine to create a zesty take on horiatiki.