Wetzel’s Pretzels Opens in Asia

The twisted treats hit Tokyo’s streets

Fans of Wetzel's Pretzels lined up for the opening of Wetzel's Pretzels in Tokyo.

Wetzel's Pretzels opened its first location in Asia Thursday in Tokyo. Since its opening, the shop at the Ario Kameari Mall has had a steady line with customers stocking up on pretzels, Wetzel Dogs, and lemonade.

The American retail snack food chain has plans to open 10 stores in Japan in the next two years with Japanese-based franchisee company Takafumi Kawasaki. Founded in 1994, Wetzel’s Pretzels is also looking to expand in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China within the next two years.

Tokyo fans of Wetzel’s Pretzels are snapping up Wetzel’s Original, a hand rolled, baked and lightly buttered and salted pretzels, making the location the highest-volume store in the world.

Wetzel's Pretzels has the same menu as each Wetzel's Pretzels in the U.S. with menu staples like sinful cinnamon, almond crunch, sour cream and onion, and Cin-A-Yum, melted cinnamon butter topped with sweet glaze. The menu only has one small change; the company's pretzels are 30 percent smaller to accommodate to regional portion size preferences.