Wendy Williams Has Given Up On Twinkies

Wendy Williams may have her own talk show, a memoir, and even some novels out, but it seems even her star power cannot save the post-Apocolypse foodstuff known as the Twinkie.

Last night at Food Bank for New York City's Can-Do Awards, we bumped into the talk show host and asked her what exactly happened with her quest to save the Twinkie.

"It didn't work," she said. "We already tried, and I got one of those giant cards signed by tons of Twinkie plant employees, and they wrote, 'Thank you so much for trying we really do aprpeciate it.' But alas it wasn't enough."

So how much does Twinkie company Hostess owe? The company received $75 million in financing, and in December court papers reported the company was $1.4 billion in debt. "I think they were like, $80 million in debt, so it's not going to happen," Williams told us. "I don't have the money to spot them, I'm sorry."

First, we hear about the possibility of a strike shutting down Twinkie production, and now Williams has given up hope? Better start hoarding those cakes now.