Wedding Cake of the Day: Ruffle Wedding Cakes

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Layer your wedding cake in fondant ruffles and frills
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A collection of elegant Ruffle and Frill Wedding Cake inspiration.

Ruffles are a fashion favorite that have found their way into the wedding cake world this year. Not only are the design possibilities for these elegant embellishments varied (as you can cover an entire cake, a single tier, or a small portion of the cake) but you can also create rosette (ruffle) embellishments to top your cake. Once you are a fondant-ruffle-making master, using Wilton tools and guidance from cake decorator Maggie Austin, you can add your own unique design touches to any ruffle cake.

Maggie Austin, a cake crafter who created our featured Pink Ombré Flower Cake, offers a helpful online class on Fondant Frills and ruffle decoration, which happens to be her specialty.

The greatest thing about ruffle cakes is the versatility the decorating technique offers. By layering frills downward, you can give your cake a softer, non-traditional look. Layering frills sideways, which has become a popular trend, will give your cake an original look. If you aren’t a fan of fondant, consider using ruffle-icing techniques to dress your cake. Many couples even accompany their ruffle cake with ombré coloring. Ruffle creativity is adaptable and endless!

If you are looking for a simple and nontraditional cake style, this just may be it!

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