Wedding Cake Of The Day — Pearl Wedding Cake

On your big day, in the midst of all of the stressful party planning and your seemingly endless to-do list, the last thing you want to do is waste extra anxiety over picking and designing the perfect wedding cake. Haven't yet decided on a color scheme or don't have time to design the perfect cake? Consider the next, and perhaps the classiest trend in wedding cakes yet — pearl wedding cakes.

Elegant, shimmering pearls, which are actually cascading fondant balls made to look like pearls, blend seamlessly with almost any wedding theme, and exude class and allure. 

Your guests will be left in awe as they gaze at the beautiful embellishments, when they are not mesmerized by the ceremony, of course. This style of cakes is incredibly versatile, so customize the number, size, and design of pearls, creating a cake that is as classy as you. This upcoming trend is hard to come by, although these gorgeous confections are currently being produced by The Pink Cake Box and The Duet Baker New York where prices are determined after a consultation.
Try this sophisticated and chic trend and have the most graceful cake your guests have ever seen! For more amazing wedding cake ideas, check out this slideshow!