Wedding Cake of the Day: A Dragon Cake

If you wanted a 'fierce cake,' consider this terrifying/amazing confection

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Wedding cakes are an art form — an edible art form for that matter. And for many brides, the wedding cake is just as important as the dress and bouquet on their big day. A wedding cake is not something that is simply eaten and forgotten; it makes a statement with how good it looks, how great it tastes, and it reflects the bride and groom as a couple.

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Chasing this dragon is completely worth it for a couple who is truly in love. When you decide to get married, you want a cake that oozes personality and is so hot it practically breathes fire. This wedding cake, submitted by cakelava, features a fierce, sugary character that inspires awe for its striking color and beautiful craftsmanship. We love how this beautiful piece combines a modern tiered cake with a huge piece of personality coiled around it.


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