Wedding Cake Of The Day: Bollywood Tiered Wedding Cake

Bollywood is popular for its notable vibrancy, colors, songs, and elaborate dance sequences. More so, Bollywood movies are visually captivating because they portray a dream world in which the hero saves the damsel in distress and good continually triumphs over evil. So what could more celebratory than incorporating Bollywood and what it represents into your wedding cake?

Created by Palermo Bakery, this distinct, eye-capturing wedding cake was made for one of their clients who desired a cake "unique" in presentation. Bakers at Palermo's sculpted the top three tiers in bold purples and green, in the shape of a traditional snowman. The spherical fondant cake pieces were tied with silver fondant bands and brooches. The site's description reads, "Each tier is separated by a lush cluster of tropical and colorful gumpaste flowers." The custom wedding cake was elevated on a round silver fondant tier with a gemstone and fondant combination paisley design.

If you're a color lover and a culture lover, use this cake as inspiration for an epic Bollywood-themed wedding cake!

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