We Have A Winner For The Ultimate Grilling Giveaway Part Two!


Congratulations to Caroline_T for winning the second part of our June giveaway month! Her recipe for a Grilled Steak Sandwiches with Goat Cheese & Arugula caught our eye because it was easy, delicious, and perfect to serve a crowd of hungry guests.

This lucky winner will soon be receiving a versatile Cobb grill, cookbook, and accessories. Stay tuned for our other grilling giveaways during the month of June!

Thank you to all of our participants, we really appreciate it and love seeing the fantastic recipes that you come up with! We must also give honorable mention to our runners up: Jon for the Ale-Marinated Tri-Tip and Markus for his Chicken Crevasse

We hope to see more from all of you on the site, thanks again!