We Are Now Allowed to Drink Champagne

And eat cheese and bread, according to these new diets

Diets that cut out carbs, fatty meats, cheese, and wine are just so tough, and with the holidays coming up we're looking for every excuse to indulge.

T Magazine has a piece about Cinq Mondes, a spa in Switzerland that works to slim down their guests. The menu includes red wine, foie gras, and dark chocolate. The secret is chrono-nutrition, where you eat certain foods at certain times of the day, syncing to your body's rhythm.

"Breakfast can be a hearty, greasy affair. (Think full English fry-up: eggs, cheese, whole-grain bread, butter, bacon, ham, sausage, sautéed mushrooms, etc.)," Sandra Ballentine writes. Lunch and dinner are the standard "lean meats and veggies," but in the afternoon you get chocolate.

"The most important part of the diet is the late afternoon 'gôuter,' or snack, which consists of 30 grams of dark chocolate, or a small bowl of dried fruit, unsalted seeds or nuts, or two glasses of unsweetened fruit juice."

If you're into simpler diets, there's the "Champagne Diet," which Brooklyn Paper reported on this morning. Calling the diet "two parts healthy living and one part bubbly," Cara Alwill Leyba lost weight and perfected her figure just by drinking a lot of champagne.

Somehow her new book sounds more like a self-help book, though. Champagne helped Lybe stand "a little taller and [feel] a little classier." All this pro-booze, pro-food news is getting us pumped for the holidays.

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