Watch These Dogs Eat Like People

Seriously, you’ve never seen anything so disturbing and so hilarious at the same time

Some dog owners have too much time on their hands.

Having a dog is sort of like having a child. While we’d never say that puppy parents have it worse than real parents, the basics are relatively the same. You teach your pup to obey you, to go to the bathroom in the proper place, and of course you feed them. But the best part about having a puppy (or really, a baby) is the fact that you get to have some fun with them.

These dog owners have no problem with fun part.Whether they were bored on a rainy day or seeking instant Internet fame, these proud puppy parents shared an oversized sweater with their furry friends and posed their pooches to look like they were eating at a restaurant.

The result? Sheer hilarity. Check it out for yourselves:

1. Everyone's a Critic

These pooches patiently wait for better service at a “busy restaurant.”

2. Gourmet Dinner

To a dog, a spoonful of peanut butter is better than a dinner at Per Se.

3. Lay off us, we’re staaaaarrrrrrrrrrving


The pooches can’t wait to get their dinner.

4. Banana Happy


You’ve never seen anything funnier than this dog eating a banana.

5. Morning Ritual



We wish we looked half as adorable at the breakfast table.