Watch Bubble Gum Bubbles In Slow Motion

If you're just a little brain dead from the long work week, this video might be just the mindless break you need. Because while the footage is kind of gorgeous, it's still strangely disturbing to see bubble gum in action, slowed way down.

Shot by British filmmaker Philip Bloom, this chewing gum video was shot in about 40 minutes, including chewing time. That's a lot of bubble gum bubbles, but the resulting product is a fascinating look at mouth movements. For example, bursting a bubble instead of sucking it in. True, the footage is just a bit disturbing (so much tongue!), but anything in slow motion (see: popcorn, bursting watermelon, exploding things) is worth a watch in our book.

Watch the results below, which was edited in about 30 minutes by Vimeo user Sarah Estela. Mad props to the models who blew some killer bubbles; we suggest they get hired for Bazooka Bubble Gum.

Bubbles from Sarah Estela on Vimeo.