Washington Dispensary Busted for Selling Pot-Laced Beer

An undercover sting operation discovered the beers, and the dispensary may shut down

Turns out pot-laced wine isn't the only medical marijuana drink to hit shelves. A Tacoma, Wash., dispensary is in hot water after being caught selling pot-laced beer. 

The Liquor Control Board sent in a teenager to buy a case of the pot beer from Hashford Compassion Club, reports the New York Daily News. The police then seized several cases of the laced beer. The main issue is that the dispensary doesn't have a liquor license, reports the News Tribune. The "cannabis-enriched honey beer" was made by the co-owner, who is an avid homebrewer. 

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The workers at the dispensary said they weren't aware they weren't allowed to sell beer — sorry, kids. Now, the dispensary, or “nonprofit collective garden,” worries they'll be shut down. "You don't get to open the store and if you get caught selling illegal items, we just take the illegal items and you get to stay in business... That's not how it works. We'll shut you down," said Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer to the NYDN.