Pot Wine Is Reportedly Big in California

Apparently, California vintners are secretly whipping up small batches of marijuana-infused wine
Pot Wine Is Reportedly Big in California



Marijuana seems to be a trend lately, and not just because 4/20 is coming up. The Daily Beast reports that pot wine is starting to gather a following in California wine country.

Vintners are dropping a pound of marijuana into fermenting wine, letting the fermentation process turn the sugar into alcohol, which in turn extracts THC from the leaves; every bottle of pot wine then has about 1.5 grams of Mary Jane.

Of course, there isn't much of a paying market for pot wine, but winemakers break it out for parties, claiming that the alcohol gives a faster high than brownies, and the mix of booze and pot in one makes "an interesting little buzz."

The Daily Beast reports that most marijuana is now blended with reds like cabernet sauvignon and syrah. Whether these bottles would pair well with Jonathan Gold's nine-course pot meal has yet to be reported.

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