Wasabi Can Help Cure Hair Loss, Science Says

Before putting that sushi in your mouth, you might want to try rubbing it on your head, because science says wasabi can actually help regrow hair in people suffering from hair loss.

According to Sora News 24, the Japanese wasabi company Kinin just released the results of a new study that says wasabi can help people regrow hair when applied topically. Most of the "wasabi" found in grocery stores or sushi restaurants is actually an imitation product made of horse radish, but real Japanese wasabi is a green root that, when grated, makes a spicy condiment for sushi and other dishes. Real wasabi is hard to find and can be expensive, but that's the stuff that scientists are saying has the power to regrow hair.

According to Kinin's research, wasabi plants contain a chemical called isosaponarin, which stimulates the papilla cells in the human scalp and gets them to start making hair again. Kinin's research claims wasabi is three times more effective than commercial hair-growth products like Minoxidil.

Unfortunately, just eating the wasabi does not do much for one's head, because the papilla are only stimulated by coming into direct contact with the wasabi. That means it has to be rubbed on a person's head if it's going to promote hair growth.

Of course, rubbing a whole bunch of fresh wasabi on one's head would be quite expensive, as well as being extremely pungent. To avoid being wasteful, check out some of our best wasabi recipes for some ideas of what to do with the stuff after scraping it off your head.