Walking to Make Beer in Portland

PDX Beer Week has two special events planned for "Beers Made By Walking"

Beers Made By Walking takes guests on a hike through Portland to show them which plants are being used to make beer.

Portland Beer Week runs from June 6-16 and will feature two special events from Beers Made By Walking, a local group that encourages brewers to make beer inspired by nature hikes and urban walks.

The first event is a hike through Forest Park and will take place on June 12 at 6 p.m. Forest Park Conservancy and four brewers from Breakside, Coalition, Hopworks and Gigantic in Forest Park will take guest on a guided tour of the park. During the hike guests learn about the types of plants Beers Made By Walking is using in their latest brews. Tickets are available at Belmont Station for $10.

On June 13, beer lovers can drink with Beers Made by Walking at Belmont Station. Brewers from Breakside, Coalition, Hopworks and Gigantic used ingredients identified on the trail from the hike on June 12 to create several different beers. Beers available include a Spruce infused Zwickelbier from Breakside, a Huckleberry and Wild Ginger Saison from Coalition, a Sour mash Flanders-style with Salmonberry and Vanilla Leaf from Hopworks and a Cask Dark Meddle Vienna Lager with Wild Ginger from Gigantic.

For more information about Beers Made By Walking and a full list of the cities walks are available in please visit their official website.


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