Vote For America's Favorite Food Trucks!

Food trucks. They have names like "Hit 'N Run" and "Me So Hungry." They exhort customers to eat "Killer Street Food" and "Shut Up And Eat," and make declarations like "Shrimpin' ain't easy, but it sho is fun." They're informal, they're fun, and they're serving some great food across America. That's why The Daily Meal recently set out to determine the 101 Best Food Trucks in America. It's an epic list that includes trucks with wide-ranging personalities, from sexy babes serving gooey cheese-covered medium-rare burgers amongst palm trees and silicone to faux-mustachioed and turbaned Fojol brothers from mythical lands serving butter chicken to those walking the corridors of power. But now we're asking for you to weigh in — we're asking you to vote for your favorite curbside grub spots so we can determine America's Favorite Food Trucks.

Vote for Your Favorite Food Trucks!

Our list was judged on four criteria: popularity, critical review, social score, and originality, but for the next month, The Daily Meal will hold an open survey. Vote until Dec. 10, and on Dec. 11, we'll announce America's Favorite Food Trucks for 2012.

Don't see your favorites on the list? Think it was a huge oversight that Pizza Del Popolo didn't make the cut? Feel like Kansas City should've been represented? Believe it was a travesty that Washington, D.C.'s Pepe Food Truck wasn't ranked higher? Great! Write in your favorite trucks, vote, and then get your friends, or (even better) the trucks and their followers to do the same. 

You'll be weighing in on 101 food trucks in five regions across the country: West Coast, Pacific Northwest, West/Midwest, South/Southwest, and the East Coast. Place your votes on trucks' design, food quality/taste, Twitter presence, and menu innovation. (You can refer back to the story for the full list or more information about the trucks.) From innovative menu options to the truck's design, from freshness and quality to taste and Twitter presence, you'll evaluate these food trucks and choose the ones that you believe are extraordinary.

Remember, social media was a determining factor in The Daily Meal's list. And it's going to be just as, if not more important for your list. After you vote, make sure you tweet it, Facebook it, or send the survey by carrier pigeon if you can. Just be sure to get the word out. Whichever truck wins the popular vote by the end of the survey, everyone will be all the more rich for having been exposed to more innovative chefs serving great food out of trucks across America.

So what are you waiting for? Vote! And spread the word. America's favorite food trucks are coming!

Vote for Your Favorite Food Trucks!