Del Popolo

Moving Target
San Francisco CA 94123

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Del Popolo Returns to Bar Agricole on Mondays in June -- Grub Street San Francisco
That's 11th and Harrison, folks.
Sneak a Peek at the Del Popolo Pizza Truck, Launching in a Matter of Weeks -- Grub Street San Franci
It's all glass!
The $180,000 Del Popolo Pizza Food Truck | 7x7
There’s only one possible reaction upon first seeing Jon Darsky’s pizza truck: Whoa. Hitched to a mighty rig that weighs 14 tons, Del Popolo begins serving Neapolitan pies this spring from its 5,000-pound oven. This much muscle comes at a cost—over $180,000 in all. The good news: Del Popolo is inimitable.
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