VIDEO: Tailgating Tips From Marc Silverstein

Throw a game day party without a fumble
Tailgating Tips

When entertaining at home, the stress level can tend to get high. However, when throwing a tailgate, you want it to go off without a hitch, but you also want to be able to relax and enjoy all the activities before, during, and after the game as well. 

Marc Silverstein of On The Marc Media says the first thing you have to do when prepping is to have a good time. We agree, Marc! Here’s the rundown and numbers don’t lie: 60 percent of Americans will attend five or more tailgating events, and 30 percent of those people won’t even go to the game or event that the tailgate is for — which means tons of opportunities for tailgate partying!

Here are Silverstein’s musts when prepping for a tailgate: 

• Decorate with team colors wherever you can — plates, tablecloths, cups, etc. 

• "If you’re going to serve great food, serve it in something great," says Silverstein, stressing the importance of plastic containers and bags to keep food airtight and fresh. 

• Always have the favorites on hand — burgers, hot dogs, and chips and dip.

• When there’s a hole in your cooler or a tear in your tablecloth, use Dad’s favorite fix-all: Duck Brand duct tape

• When prepping for the big tailgate, plan ahead: freeze water bottles overnight and let them thaw out in a cooler so they still keep cold, marinate meat in re-sealable bags the night before, keep your item list close and laminate it to prevent spills and dips from getting on it. 

When all that is said and done, kick back and get ready to have a blast.