VIDEO: Andy Ricker Teaches You How to Eat Thai Food

The owner and chef of Pok Pok shows us how to eat like a local, sans chopsticks
How to Eat Thai Food

Andy Ricker of Pok Pok teaches you how to eat Thai food like a local. Produced by Jessica Chou.

Andy Ricker of traditional Thai food mecca Pok Pok still eats with his hands, and that's a good thing. Here, the chef and owner teaches us the basics of navigating a Thai table, from sharing food to using a spoon and a fork.

Of course, not all is easy, as Ricker discusses the difference between sticky rice and jasmine rice. The latter you eat with a spoon and fork, the former you eat with your hands, molding it into a spoon of sorts of pick food up. "Kids love it. It should be fun for adults, too. I don't know if it is all the time, but it should be," Ricker says.


Watch as Ricker demonstrates both ways of eating, plus shows us what not to do when eating Thai food.