Vermont Inn Halts All Wedding Receptions Instead of Hosting Lesbian Wedding

The Wildflower Inn decided to stop hosting weddings altogether, after refusing service to a lesbian couple

Let's just add this business to the ever-growing list of outed anti-gay places that will never help any same-sex couple throw a wedding.

Lyndonville, Vt., inn The Wildflower Inn reportedly will not hosting any weddings or receptions anymore, according to a lawsuit settlement, after refusing service to a lesbian couple.

Owners Mary and Jim O'Reilly refused to host an event for Kate and Ming Linsley, a lesbian couple who wanted to house their reception at the inn. When they emailed to inform the inn that the couple would be "bride and bride," the inn's event director emailed back with the subject line "I have bad news."

Turns out, the innkeepers' "personal feelings" meant that the inn would not host their lesbian ceremony.

Of course, this turned out to be illegal; the Vermont Fair Housing and Public Accomodations Act says that public accomodations cannot deny goods and services based on sexual pereference, so the Linsleys sued the inn. Wildflower will pay $10,000 to the Vermont Human Rights Commission, $20,000 for a charitable trust. Oh and they'll never host wedding receptions again; happy couples will have to find somewhere else to cut their cake.