Woman Finds Poisonous Snake Under Fridge

A very deadly snake moved in under a woman’s fridge and got ready to have babies

This is the actual venomous snake that was hiding under a woman's refrigerator, and the 14 babies she had right afterwards. 

Many of us do look under our refrigerators quite as often as we should, but one Australian woman should be very glad that she did recently, because she discovered an enormous and very poisonous snake had moved in under there and got ready to lay eggs.

According to Foodbeast, a woman from Adelaide, Austrlaia, was stunned and horrified to discover a giant, brown snake living under her refrigerator. Luckily her area has a dedicated snake-removal service, so she called Snake Catchers Adelaide to come and remove her unwelcome new roommate.

Snake Catcher Rolly Burrell said the snake was an Eastern brown snake, which is the world’s second most venomous snake. He explained that the space under a refrigerator is a fabulous place to live, if you are a snake, because it is warm and humid under there, and snakes like that.

The snake was not really alone, either. Not long after being extricated by Burrell, the snake laid 14 eggs. If the woman had not spotted the snake and called for a snake catcher, the snake would have laid those 14 eggs under her refrigerator. Then they would have hatched, and the woman would have been living with 15 poisonous snakes.


It’s enough to make a person want to shine a flashlight under the fridge every once in a while, just to be sure.