Vegetarians, Rude Customers, And Small Tippers At Bottom Of Dating Ladder

Hot dates might involve some red wine and a good meal, but vegetarians beware: a survey from and has some bad news.

According to their annual Love Bites survey, it seems like meat-eaters would rarely date a vegetarian. While 96 percent of vegetarians would date a meat-eater, only 70 percent of meat-eaters would date a vegetarian.

Meanwhile, 66 percent of singles surveyed said they would be turned off if their date didn't want to try certain foods, 56 percent disliked picky eaters, and 35 percent would be turned off if their date didn't know much about food. Better start reading up.

As for tipping, 97 percent of daters would be turned off if you were rude to waitstaff, while walking the line between tipping properly and overcompensating is a bit touchy. Sixty-one percent of singles surveyed found that tipping less than 20 percent was distasteful, while 78 percent hate daters who overtip "in a showy manner." The golden rule? Always tip 20 percent.

In other news, 39 percent of single women would give up sex over their favorite food (for just a year), while 16 percent of men would make that choice. The top food of choice? Chocolate.


Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.