Vegetables That Make 'Meaty' Mains

There is something about a thick, juicy, protein-packed piece of meat that is hearty and satisfies our cravings until the next meal. Burgers, steaks, and other meaty dishes are everyday dinner meals that are quick to prepare and family favorites. But vegetables can be just as satisfying and delicious. With some creativity and ingenuity, vegetables can be part of a meaty meal, too.

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With grilling season upon us, fire up the grill for some meaty vegetable steaks. Try slicing cauliflower and cabbage into thick steaks that turn golden brown and crispy on the grill. Mushrooms are popular meaty vegetables, but use the large, round Portobello's instead of hamburger patties. There are a variety of delicious and meaty vegetables that can be turned into a healthy and hearty dinner in a snap.

Everyone loves a juicy steak or a flaky piece of delicate fish, but a few times a week, or even just on the popular Meatless Mondays, try swapping out your favorite meat for a vegetable instead. It may surprise you how satisfying vegetables can really be.

Check out some of our ideas for turning vegetables into a main meal. With a few spices, olive oil, and a good recipe, vegetables can be a new family favorite for dinner.

Bell Peppers

Stuff a mixture of rice, herbs, and spices into hearty bell peppers for a quick and healthy dinner.


Slice thick pieces of cabbage, drizzle with olive oil, spinkle with salt and pepper, and grill until tender and golden brown.

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