Vegan Holiday Sweets for Your Treat Table

These vegan treats will appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike

Planning a holiday party? Then it's probably a good idea to have one or a few vegan options on your holiday treat table this year (not to mention your dinner menu, but that's another story).

Scatter vegan desserts at your holiday party!

Your vegan guests will thank you, and you might just find that many of your non-vegan guests are quite curious to try out some new-to-them treats. And despite preconceptions, it is actually fairly easy and delicious to give guests an egg- and dairy-free treat to enjoy.

Using vegan marshmallows, nuts, and other substitutes, these sweet recipes give you options worth craving! Try vegan rice crispy snowmen, vegan snowball cookies, and even festive vegan sugar cookies for your treats table. You might be surprised at how easy it is to go vegan without giving up some annual favorites, all while cutting down your butter intake.

Click through our slideshow for some vegan holiday sweets for your treat table.


 — kathypatalsky, Babble