Vegan Family Recipes: Straight From The Earth Cookbook

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Easy and delicious vegan recipes for your family
Straight From the Earth
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Mother and daughter team Myra and Marea Goodman prepare simple, delicious, and healthy vegan recipes.

Authors Myra and Marea Goodman of the new vegan cookbook Straight From The Earth believe that vegan food is more than just abstaining from eating animal by-products. The recipes contained within feature simple, healthy, and affordable ways to prepare everyday meals using fresh ingredients that happen to be vegan.

From an Eccentric Caesar Salad Recipe, a Banana-Coconut Cake Recipe, to this light and delicious Raspberry Salad with Baby Greens and Raspberry-Golden Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe, the mother-daughter team of Myra and Marea Goodman provide creative and affordable recipes for anybody looking to make and healthy choices in the kitchen.

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Mother Myra Goodman also co-founded with her husband Earthbound Natural Farm in California, which grew from a 2 1/2 acre raspberry field into one of the most well-known national distributors of organic produce in the United States. The recipes in Straight From The Earth reflect years of producing, harvesting, and cooking locally sourced ingredients. The book is a necessary reference for anyone looking to find unique alternatives to meat-based dishes.