Vegan Cookies Take The Cake!

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Congratulations to MissNatalie27, the winner of our cookbook giveaway contest! She's won a copy of the Flour Bakery + Café's cookbook for her Happy Cow Peanut-Butter Cookies. 

Just in time for the holidays, this dessert recipe stood out for its rich, nutty taste and for being animal-free (and still delicious). We hope you enjoy the cookbook Natalie and keep making such wonderful treats!

Thank you to everyone for your recipe submissions; we really appreciate it and hope you'll continue to send in more!

Stay tuned for some of our future giveaway contests. We can't say when, but we'll be giving away Petrossian caviar and even more cookbooks from some of our favorite authors. Keep checking the website, sign up for the newsletter, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to hear the news.


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