Unveiling the Caviar Cocktail

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Petrossian's hottest new cocktail is made with caviar

This elegant cocktail has a secret (and tasty) twist: caviar powder.

Just when you think you've stirred, shaken, and sipped it all, Petrossian in New York City introduces a signature caviar cocktail, the Fleur de Vers. Caviar is usually associated with luxury foods and well, money, but the caviar used in this cocktail is Petrossian's own dehydrated caviar powder, which is easier on the wallet — and not lacking in any luxurious flavor.

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When you think caviar you might envision champagne or vodka — but not here. Alex Petrossian said, "Everyone was expecting us to use champagne or vodka and [those liquors] were OK, but none of us were excited about it. We wanted something to wow our guests." So the cocktail is actually a mix of gin, St. Germain, green Chartreuse, lemon juice, and a dash of rose water. The mix offers a light and citrusy drink that is refreshing and subtly sweet, and with a touch of the caviar powder, which retails for about $88 for a bottle ( a little bit goes a long way), it certainly is a "wow" drink.

The elegant concoction takes the world of cocktails to a new level while keeping it light, fresh, and sophisticated. Petrossian notes the drink is "not too strong, not too sweet, but the perfect compromise," and we agree. When planning your upcoming holiday cocktail menus, surprise and enchant your guests with this unique cocktail — or pop into the restaurant for a drink. The new cocktail is anything but ordinary and truly worth a sip… or two.

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