The Ultimate Beyoncé and Jay-Z Playlist

In honor of the couple’s 5th wedding anniversary, we’re breaking out their best tunes

Get down like Beyonce and Jay-Z at your party with their chart-topping hits.

You love Beyoncé and Jay-Z — admit it. There are very few people who don’t and because of that we’re celebrating them today, on their fifth anniversary.
Creating a playlist of you and your better half’s chart-topping, award-winning songs could be a fantastic idea for any couple,  but alas, not everyone has the luxury of being a mogul married to another mogul and ruling the world.

So, instead we offer you this: a serious collection of the Carter family’s greatest hits — together and separately — that will serve as a fantastic backdrop to any cocktail, dinner, or dance party that you’re hosting. From Jay-Z’s "Empire State of Mind" to Beyoncé's "Love on Top," your guests will be off their butts and dancing within seconds, probably sporting the illuminati symbol between sips of their cocktails.

So here’s a musical ode to Jay-Z and Beyoncé on their anniversary — a fantastic collection of their best tunes. Check out our favorite tunes below and click here to listen to our playlist on Spotify

Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z—Crazy In Love

Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z—Upgrade U

Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z—That’s How You Like It

Beyoncé—Love on Top

Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys—Empire State of Mind

Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z—03’ Bonnie & Clyde

Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z—Suit & Tie

Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z—Welcome to Hollywood

Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z—Déjà vu

Kendrick Lamar ft. Jay-Z—Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe

Beyoncé—Single Ladies

Jay-Z,  Kanye West ft. Beyoncé—Lift Off

Beyoncé ft. Alicia Keys—Put it in a Love Song


Beyoncé—I Miss You

Jay-Z—Change Clothes


Beyoncé—I was Here

Beyoncé—Baby Boy


Jay-Z ft. Kanye West—Why I Love You