U.K. Food Minister Expanding British Food in U.S.

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U.K. Food Minister Expanding British Food in U.S.
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The U.K. attended the Fancy Foods Show, hosted by the Specialty Foods Association, in hopes of expanding on food exports to the U.S.

It is no secret that the United States is a leader in food consumption.

The United Kingdom already exports £1.8 billion worth of food and drink to America, the third largest export destination beyond Ireland and France. But there is still a huge potential for future growth.

“The U.S. Specialist food market is growing,” Environment Secretary and Food Minister Owen Paterson said. “It’s currently worth more than $85 billion, so we need to make sure our top quality produce is getting a slice of that lucrative pie.”

He came to the Fancy Food Exhibition, which ends today, with 40 other British food and drink manufacturers to showcase the best British cheeses, chocolates, and drinks, as well as to open up trade opportunities between the U.S. and the U.K.

“I’ve come to America to fly the flag for Great British food and open up more trade,” Paterson said.

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Already, the U.S. Spends nearly $2.1 billion on U.K. beverages, consuming 29,500 tons of British salmon, and 5,000 tons of British cheese and chocolate every y