U.K. Department of Health Launches Front-Of-Pack Food Labeling

The U.K. Department of Health begins a voluntary food labeling system, and some big-name manufacturers have not signed on

A front-of-pack voluntary food labeling system was launched by the United Kingdom’s Department of Health. Many food manufacturers have welcomed the new system, but some companies are not on board, according to Food Manufacture.

The labeling system involves including a color-coded label on the front of food products which lists the product’s fat, salt, sugar, and calorie content. It aims to replace rival labeling systems based on traffic light labeling and Guideline Daily Amounts.

Manufacturers that signed on are Premier Foods, Mars UK, Nestle UK, McCain Foods, and PepsiCo UK. Cadbury, Coca-Cola, and United Biscuits have yet to commit.

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Public health minister Anna Soubry says, “People will be able to use the colors to understand the levels of nutrients in the food they are eating. The labels are not designed to demonize foods with lots of reds but to have people consider what they are eating and to make sure it’s part of a balanced diet.”