UK Company Will Blow Up Your Wedding Cake

Come spring, Bompas & Parr will send technicians to weddings to rig explosives for the cake-cutting ceremony

From the company that brought you a 5-ton chocolate waterfall and flooded an 18th-century London house with 44 tons of punch comes the opportunity to blow up your wedding cake.

This spring, English architecture and food installation company Bompas & Parr is launching a "food explosion service" for weddings, sending trained explosive technicians to lay charges in wedding cakes (or any other food of your choice) to blow up at the opportune moment.

"Wedding cakes can be brutally stodgy. Blowing the cake up spares the stomach after a heavy meal and is a good way to wake guests up for the speeches," Harry Parr, of Bompas & Parr, said in a press release.

As for how this will work in terms of cleanup, your hiring crew will not be happy. "The explosion is incredibly messy with considerable cleanup," Sam Bompas told us in an email. "We don't advise standing too close and... [we] always set a safety perimeter."

The company will also provide safety spectacles and ponchos for an extra fee, if the bride is worried about her couture. And happy couples won't be cutting the cake, either.

"They blow it up with [an] Acme style plunger rather than cut it," Bompas told us. "Far more dramatic."

Unfortunately, this service is only available in the U.K. for now (with prices starting at £800), but the company may work on a few projects stateside in October.

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