True Story: Fried Chicken Is More Important Than Puppy Love

Best love story ever

Valentine's Day just might be coming up soon, which might mean some harried last-minute dinner reservations, mediocre boxes of chocolate, and wilted roses. But this eighth grader knows what's up.

In this adorable note picked up in an eighth grade classroom, one special someone wrote, "But r u ready to be there when I'm mad, or need to cry, and I can do things that I can't do with anyone else but you wit." The answer? "Yes I am ready unless I'm eating fried chicken." Now that's true love <3.

Obviously person number one was a little miffed. "So chicken is more important than me," he or she writes (let's not gender stereotype).

"Only fried chicken and only when I'm hungry," person number two writes. "But if not then you are the only thing I care about." Let's collectively awww, because really, fried chicken is definitely more important than your eighth grade relationship. Unless the two end up getting married 15 years down the road. If so, there will probably be fried chicken at the wedding.