The Trick In The Treat: Halloween Candy Swaps

Halloween can be the ultimate monster for the sensible dieter. While we are usually so conscious of what we eat, it's hard to keep track during the number one candy season of the year — a mini Snickers here and a small Kit Kat there adds up! So in order for us not to toss our diets out the window and rack up the cavities, let's get a few tips from a professional.

New York-based weight loss specialist Dr. Howard Shapiro has whipped up a few stand-ins for some of the most popular Halloween candy. Think less candy corn and more — well, you'll see!

Here are some of Dr. Shapiro's calorie-saving Halloween tips:

• Substitute Tootsie Pops for Candy Corn —Six Tootsie Pops have the same amount of calories as just 3.5 ounces of candy corn; the best part is that the pops take so long to eat that you and your children will say "enough" before you indulge in a second or third

• Opt for Dark Chocolate Over Milk and White Chocolates — Though white, milk, and dark chocolate all have the same amount of calories (280 calories for 2 ounces of each), the health benefits of dark chocolate aren't found in white or milk. Studies show that eating small amounts of dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, and more. If you have a chocolate craving this Halloween, opt for dark chocolate over milk and white varieties. 

• Offer Candied Apples at a Halloween Party — Traditional and fun Halloween favorites, candied apples are much healthier than other go-to Halloween snacks. For your Halloween party this year, put out a tray of candied apples (125 calories each) instead of candies like gummy worms (which have 250 calories in just 2.5 ounces).