You Won’t Believe What These 4 Countries Serve at Sports Games

Not everybody likes hot dogs as much as we do

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Would you eat chicken feet at a sports game?

Every country loves some sport or another, and thus, every country needs something to eat at sports games. That’s where things start to get a little fishy, so to speak. We looked at our list of 9 Bizarre Stadium Foods Around the World and chose a few we felt were particularly eyebrow-raising. A few of them could actually be quite delicious, though perhaps in a different context.

In all fairness, hot dogs and liquid cheese might seem a little strange to folks elsewhere. And those are nothing compared to the many crazy stadium foods served throughout the country. Rocky Mountain oysters, anyone? Hint: those are not so fishy.

Octopus (Japan)

While octopus sounds delightful in a seafood restaurant, would you want to eat it at a stadium? We can only imagine that the response to this question would be mixed, even if this delicious takoyaki comes to us nestled in savory pancakes.

Pulled Pork Parfait (United States)

Go big or go home; it’s a pretty American thing to say. In this spirit, try the pulled pork parfait at Milwaukee’s Miller Park — a mixture of pulled pork, mashed potatoes and chives arranged to look like an ice cream sundae.

Meat Pie Soup (Australia)

In Adelaide, Australia, carts outside the city’s AAMI stadium sell the area’s traditional “pie floater,” which is a meat pie floating in a bowl of green pea soup. At least there’s some green in there!

Chicken Feet (China)

In arena snack shops across China, you’ll see Pringles, Pepsi, and… pickled chicken feet. They come pre-packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag, and are usually seasoned with a spicy sauce. Sports are all about using one’s feet, after all. 

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