You Can't Take That Through Security! Or Can You?

A terrorist scare involving liquid explosives in 2006 prompted the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ban all liquids and gels from carry-ons completely, severely limiting passenger-owned food and drink options for almost two months. Thankfully, airport security rules have become less strict in this particular regard since then. Today, you can virtually bring anything edible (liquid included) through outbound United States airport security as long as you observe size limits.

Sometimes, though, it's easy to forget what is and isn't covered by the regulations, and refuse bins on the outer side of security lines are full of cans, tubes, bottles, and more. Here is an up-to-date guide to which items of food and drink should be no-hassle for U.S. airport security and which items are better left in your checked luggage- lobsters, for example, should not be in your hand luggage, but can be transported, legally in the hold. "Should" is the operative word here, by the way: Even if a food is listed as TSA-approved, the final decision rests with the TSA officer on duty as to whether any given item will be allowed through security.