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TSA Finds Giant 20-Pound Lobster in Luggage at Boston Airport

The lobster was found during boarding of a JetBlue flight at Terminal C of the airport

ex0rzist / Shutterstock

The lobster was most likely found in the waters of New England, known for its rich seafood.

Transportation Security Administration has confiscated many items found in luggage in the past, from a lipstick stun gun to martial arts throwing stars, according to the LA Times, but agents at Boston’s Logan Airport recently came across an item during screening that piqued their interest. Inside an insulated cooler flagged most likely from its X-ray image was a live, 20-pound lobster.

The giant lobster was discovered on Sunday by a security agent, who also took a picture with it and posted the find on Twitter.

“@TSA officers are skilled at screening all sorts of items in checked baggage...including this 20+ pound lobster at @BostonLogan,” the tweet read.

While transporting lobsters in luggage seems bizarre, it’s actually legal and even has a dedicated page on the TSA website. According to the agency, live lobsters are given the green light to be transported through checked baggage, but whether they’re allowed in carryon bags varies by airline.

“A live lobster is allowed through security and must be transported in a clear, plastic, spill proof container,” the TSA states.


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