The World’s 10 Best Cities for Celebrating New Year’s Eve

Lose yourself to the lights and intoxicating musical performances in one of the world’s best cities for celebrating the new year
London's New Year's Eve


London's skyline on New Year's Eve.

Every year seems to pass quicker than the last, and with 2016 coming to an end in just a few short weeks and 2017 swiftly approaching, it’s time to start figuring out your New Year’s Eve plans. Fireworks displays are a big part of celebrating, and some cities really know how to put on attention-grabbing shows. And some throw great street parties, stage dazzling waterfront displays, and cook up fascinating cultural festivals. They're all waiting for you to join the celebration and ring in the New Year with a bang.

The World’s 10 Best Cities for Celebrating New Year’s Eve


It all comes down to one question: When the countdown begins, where do you want to be? On the stretch of beaches in Rio de Janeiro? Watching a festive parade in the Bahamas? At the chaotic center of New York City’s Times Square? Whatever your preference, you’ll find an exciting and fun environment to celebrate New Year’s Eve in any of the cities on this list.