What A Date Costs Around The World

What a Date Costs Around the World

Just how much do couples expect to spend romancing each other over dinner and drinks? It all depends on where they live.


Geneva is bathed in natural beauty, making it an incredible place to kindle love and romance. Dinner out on the town for two, from mains through to dessert with wine, can be equally incredible at an average of a whopping 126 CHF (Swiss francs), or $133 US. Continue on for drinks, with cocktails priced at about 22 CHF each ($23 US), and you'll find your date night costs about 170 CHF — nearly $180 US. 


Who hasn't dreamt of being wined and dined by a gorgeous Spaniard while exploring Madrid? Let's hope they're paying, because a meal for two at a nice restaurant, including wine and dessert, will run anywhere from €48, or about $55 US, to €50, or about $57 US. Add on drinks, which run about €9, a little more than $10 US, for a cocktail at a bar (or you can go for the €5.30 for a beer in a local pub), and you're at close to €68 — nearly $77 US for a date.

New York City

Oh, New York, New York. One of the world's most energetic cities offers plenty of options for a fabulous date night — so long as you can afford it. Treat your date to a special meal with the works — dessert and wine included — and you'll be faced with a bill of $104 US.  


In Paris, taking your date to a nice meal for two — complete with wine and dessert — will cost around €68, or $77 US. Add on an after dinner cocktail, which will run you €11 each, and you're at €90, or $102. Love doesn't come cheap in one of the world's most romantic cities


Looking to go out on a date in Rome? A meal for two at a nice restaurant in Rome is generally €58, or about $66 US. Interested in going out for a cocktail afterwards? Head to a nice club or lounge, and cocktails should each cost €9, or a little more than $10 US. All together?  Expect to pay around €76, or around $86 US.


This is one expensive city for everyone — single or not. In fact, it is probably one of the world's least wallet-friendly cities, so dating here comes at a hefty price. A dinner, including wine and dessert, at a nice restaurant will end with a $105 AUD bill, or about $80 US. If you've got some extra room in your budget (or just really want to impress your date), head to a cocktail bar for some drinks: $16 AUD each, or about $13 US. By the end of the night, you'll have racked up a $137 AUD bill, or $106. Blimey.


Another global city that shows no pity on your wallet, Singapore is a street food utopia, but a nice meal out in a restaurant for two people, with dessert and wine to top it off, will cost you...  wait for it... $159 SD! That's about $125 US. Now, if you're feeling extra-generous and wish to take your date out for some drinks at a lounge or bar, you're looking at $19 SD each. Total cost? $197 SD, or $157. We hope it leads to a second date.