Add These Vegan-Friendly Resorts to Your Bucket List

Make pasta in Tuscany, or eat like a Fijian

Peruse the menus of celebrity vegan chef Miguel Bautista at Mexico's Grand Velas Resorts.

About 1.5 million Americans are vegan now, according to Vegan Bits. Pretty incredible, considering vegans have long been considered fringe (the “Hezbollah-like splinter faction” of vegetarians, as the late, great Anthony Bourdain wrote in his 2001 book “Kitchen Confidential”).

Add These Vegan-Friendly Resorts to Your Bucket List Gallery

A lot has changed since 2001, including the advent of social media. “Social media helps influence people to go vegan,” vegan blogger Crystal Pang told The Daily Meal. “Vegans posting food photos are proving how easy, accessible, and tasty veganism is.” Registered Dietitian Mia Zarlengo told The Daily Meal, Veganism has become more mainstream as individuals have become more aware of the power their food choices have over their health. For many people and their health goals, every meal counts, including meals they eat on vacation.”

As the popularity of the vegan diet grows, more and more resorts cater to travelers who don’t eat meat, even if just to offer to veganize non-vegan dishes. The settings are amazing, the health and environmental consciousness is inspiring, and the food is so. good.


Whether you’re a lifelong vegan, someone who prefers a plant-based diet, or someone who just wants to take a vacation that won’t leave you unable to button your jeans, you might consider checking out these luxury vegan-friendly resort experiences.