best food factory tours

The Best Food Factory Tours in America

A delicious day trip for the whole family
best food factory tours

Visit these factories to find out how your favorite snacks are made.

The best part of a vacation is often the food, and sometimes the best part of your vacation can be checking out where your food comes from. Plenty of America’s most beloved food companies offer tours of their factories, and considering many of these tours are free or low-priced, it’s a creative way to keep the family busy when you’re trying to vacation on a budget.

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Not only can you get free samples on a food factory tour, but it’s also a fun way to learn more about a company’s history and interesting facts about your favorite foods. Learn how cheese is made, how long it takes to make a jelly bean, or just what exactly is inside your tea bag. Many tours also include interactive exhibits and are usually the perfect spot to take the kids, although adults tend to have plenty of fun getting a behind-the-scenes look as well. For an affordable trip that’s fun for everyone and delicious to boot, check out the best food factory tours in America.

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