Three Amazing Restaurants At Vidanta Riviera Maya

If you're looking for a stunning beach resort in sun-soaked Mexico, Vidanta has you covered with locations in Nuevo Vallarta, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, and Riviera Maya (with East Cape opening soon). And no matter what kind of vacation you seek — active, restful, or somewhere in between — you'll be happy you picked Vidanta. Of course, one of the most fun parts of going on vacation is the dining experience, and, you guessed it, Vidanta can help with that too — in spades. Here are three amazing restaurants to experience at one of Vidanta's stellar resorts: Vidanta Riviera Maya.

Vidanta Riviera Maya is extraordinary for gastronomic adventures because the resort offers a plethora of world-class, international choices: Italian, Asian, Caribbean, Spanish, Mexican, French, Yucatecan — it's all there.

The first restaurant that I would recommend is Azur, a contemporary French bistro with an exquisite interior. I had both breakfast (the Pain Perdu Avec Fruits Rouges et Amandes featured a lovely brûlée on thick toast, which was fun to crack into) and dinner there, and both meals were incredibly rich, memorable, and creative. The evening menu included crowd favorites like Crepes Aux Champignons (click here for a recipe) with truffle-infused sauce and Escargots Au Beurre Persillé (click here for a recipe). I ordered the Saumon Frais Et Sa Ratatouille (click here for a recipe) with fennel salad —c'est magnifique.

Café Del Lago has decent breakfast (there was even a fresh donut tree!) and dinner buffets, but the real draw for eating here is the nightly entertainment. While feasting at Del Lago, guests can watch entertainers take to the stage and perform a variety of global cultural dances. I had the chance to experience the Brazilian Spectacle (other nights feature Mayan Legends, Ancient Cultures, Retro Night, and Mexican Folklore; every night is different), which highlighted several different coordinated dances with a variety of colorful costumes. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see a Capoeira performance, which is an intricate game-like Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, music (drums), acrobatics, and quick and powerful complex kicks and spins.

As savvy travelers are increasingly seeking out one-of-a-kind culinary experiences (hello, molecular gastronomy), resorts have had to up the ante. JOYÀ by Cirque du Soleil, an inventive resident show housed at Vidanta's award-winning theatre, is the first of its kind in the world and completely hits the mark. Where else can you eat a well-thought-out and imaginative meal with Mediterranean influences and Mexican ingredients, drink Moët Champagne Mercier, and witness an awe-inspiring theatrical show full of Cirque du Soleil acrobats, musicians, actors, dancers, a contortionist, trapeze artist, and more? Truly unique are the edible menus (yes, you read that right) and the desserts, which are served in a book-shaped box. Spring for the VIP package, which includes priority seating, unlimited Champagne, and a welcome cocktail in the VIP lounge — plus you won't have to wait in the queue to get in, which will really make you feel like a special guest. If you select the round table, front and center, some of the entertainment will be performed right in front of you on your table!

Other Vidanta Riviera Maya restaurants worth mentioning are Tramonto, serving up Italian and American fare in a fine dining environment; Havana Moon, which offers casual Caribbean cuisine and a gorgeous view of the ocean; the pan-Asian inspired Gong, where you can order sushi, dumplings, and stir fry dishes; and The Burger Custom Made, where you can get the best ceviche (or burger, obviously), looking over the secluded and serene Grand Luxxe Pool.