Your Flight Attendant Will Hate It If You Do Any Of These Things Gallery

Flying can be tough, irritating, and sometimes downright stressful. And that's just when you're a passenger. Imagine having to be crowded in with strangers in an enclosed space nearly every day as part of your job. Flight attendants usually go to great lengths for their passengers, often at their own expense — such as when one fell out of an airplane while preparing passengers' meals. While most flight attendants do love flying and traveling, like any other job involving a lot of customer service, their day can really depend on who, or what, they're dealing with. And if they don't like who they're dealing with, it can definitely affect how well they do their job or how willing they are to be helpful.

While we're sure most flight attendants wouldn't do anything malicious such as pour wine on your wedding dress, they are people. And people are far more likely to go out of their way for you, enthusiastically so, if you're a kind and considerate customer. So make sure that you stay on your cabin crew's good side and avoid doing any of these things that will make your flight attendant hate you.

Being Rude Over Things Outside of Their Control

We know flight delays can be frustrating. We agree that it's super disappointing when the plane runs out of your drink of choice or your meal preference. Chances are, however, that your cabin crew knows little more than you do as to what's going on when there are plane issues, and they definitely aren't in control of a lot of airline operations. Cut them some slack and remember that they don't want you to have a bad flight.


As a matter of fact, don't be rude at all. Flight attendants are people too. While it is the job of the cabin crew to deliver great customer service, they aren't there as your servants. Throwing your bags at the nearest air hostess and ordering her to find a good spot for it, or demanding an upgrade on any grounds other than the fact that you paid for one will not endear the flight crew to you, nor is it very likely to get you what you want. In fact, acting entitled may even divert your entire flight. Be a little nicer and understand that the employees on board are there to get you to your destination, safe and sound. 

Getting in the Way of the Meal Cart

There's usually plenty of time to get to the bathroom while on a flight. Please don't pick the exact moment the drinks or meal cart is being wheeled down the aisle to go. You'll just create a kind of annoying and awkward moment, and keep the flight crew from serving hungry passengers their food.

Going to the Bathroom When the Seatbelt Sign Is On

There are safety precautions in place for a reason. Either wait 10 or 15 minutes to visit the restroom or make sure you go beforehand if you think it'll be a problem! The seatbelt sign isn't for decoration; it's a very much needed measure to keep you from harming yourself and others.

Hanging Out in the Galley

The galley of the aircraft is where flight attendants store and prepare your meals and drinks before bringing them to you. It's their work station and not a place for you to go and loiter around or stretch your legs. It's definitely not a place for some mid-flight yoga. Please respect and stick to your seat or take to the aisles if you need to regain some circulation (just not when the meal cart's coming through!)

Hitting On Them

It's the flight attendant's job to be nice to you. Don't take it so seriously, and please don't be a creep.

Hogging the Overhead Compartment

You are not the only passenger on the plane nor are you the only one with carry-on luggage. Others need the overhead bins as well, so stick to just placing your larger pieces such as carry-on suitcases there, while placing handbags, backpacks, and any other smaller luggage under the seat in front of you. Try to pack smart, too, so that it isn't even an issue in the first place.


Ignoring Their Directions

Just like the seatbelt sign, other safety precautions are in place on an aircraft for your benefit. Even if you're a frequent flyer and know the safety run-through given at the beginning of the flight, please be quiet and respectful during it. If a flight attendant asks you to put up your seatback tray, put away your laptop, or open the window shade, there's a very good reason for that.

Ignoring Them Entirely

As we stated, flight attendants are not there to serve you. And even servants don't deserve to be treated as if they're nothing more than mere wall decorations. Say hello when you come onboard and it'll be more likely to endear your cabin crew to helping you out should you need it.

Keeping Your Headphones On When Speaking to Them

Refusing to take your headphones out when speaking to anyone is rude no matter where you are. Take them off for a second when a flight attendant is attempting to speak to you so that they know they have your full attention. It'll also keep you from screaming at them when you're the one talking.

Letting Your Kids Run Around

Not only is it annoying to have young children run around in a small space, it can also be a safety concern. You don't want a cabin crew member — or worse, a passenger — tripping over your kid and getting hurt.

Putting Your Feet Up

It isn't polite to put your feet up on the walls of the cabin or the seat in front of you. It also isn't hygienic to do so when they're bare, and you probably would think twice about it if you knew how dirty the airplane already is.

Putting Your Trash in the Seatback Pocket

It's alright to put some (dry) trash in the seatback pocket as you wait for your flight attendant to come by to collect it. Just please don't leave it there so that they have more to do after you disembark.

Repeatedly Pressing the Call Button

Yes, the call button is there so that the flight crew can better assist you. No, it is not there so that you can harass them. Once you have pressed the call button, please wait patiently for someone to come see to your needs. If someone doesn't come right away, rest assured that they likely have something more pressing to attend to, and if you alert them by repeatedly hitting it, they may rush to your aid while leaving behind something or someone that may have needed their help more.

Touching Them

It's not cool to touch anyone uninvited, especially when it's someone you don't really know and someone who's trying to do their job. If you need to get their attention, a simple "Excuse me?" will suffice and be much appreciated. For more things you can and can't do on a flight, here are some things your flight attendant won't be likely to tell you about flying the high skies.