The Queen Of England Banned Garlic From Buckingham Palace

When you're Queen of England, you get to eat what you please. Queen Elizabeth II has been known to be a lover of chocolate biscuit cake, her daily glass of Champagne, and having fruits in her cereal — but there are certain things she's not so willing to eat. In fact, there's one ingredient she hates so much that she's banned it from the Royal kitchens entirely: garlic.

"The Queen is a wonderful lady, the royal family are wonderful people," John Higgins, a former royal chef, told the (Canadian) National Post. "But they're missing out on garlic, because at Buckingham Palace you don't cook with garlic. I suppose, in case you get the royal burp."

Confirmation of this came from another former royal chef, Darren McGrady, who did an interview with RecipesPlus.

"We can never serve anything with garlic or too much onions," McGrady said.

It's sad to think that the Queen's household doesn't get to try all the varieties of garlic nor have amazing side dishes like garlic mashed potatoes on their menu. But perhaps the Queen has a point. We would all do well to be careful with foods that make us smell bad.