The Official 'Game Of Thrones' Ice Hotel Restaurant Tables And Chairs Are Actually Made Of Ice

Winter isn't simply coming; it has arrived. There is now a Games of Thrones Hotel in Finland, and it is every GOT superfan's dream. The "northern"-inspired hotel, created in partnership with Lapland Hotels SnowVillage, is made from 400 tons of ice sculpted by various artists. It includes 14 rooms and 10 suites, all with their own thermal sleeping arrangements to keep guests as toasty as if they were in King's Landing, though they'll sleep on literally beds of ice.

Guests of the cool (literally) ice hotel will be quick to recognize the artists' recreations of a White Walker, the wall sigils of the great Westerosi houses, a reconstructed Hall of Faces, and, obviously, a replica of the Iron Throne. Most impressively, the hotel is also home to The Ice Bar — a bar made entirely out of ice and guarded by an ice dragon, naturally — as well as two restaurants that have tables and chairs made entirely out of the frozen stuff.

Game of Thrones hotel will only be around until April of this year. Can't hitch a ride on a dragon to get to Finland in time to enjoy some reindeer fillet? Live vicariously through the best food moments from Game of Thrones.